Why Merge

Over the past 10 years, LGH has grown and evolved to meet Acadiana’s unique healthcare needs. We are proud to be Acadiana’s trusted healthcare provider as we work to ensure access to local, quality care for generations to come.

Our Challenges

While we are working from a position of strength, our reality is that the healthcare industry is fundamentally changing and creating challenges for healthcare providers – especially health systems of our size. These challenges include:

Louisiana is one of the least healthy states in the nation. As a standalone organization, we can only invest so much to truly tackle the pressing healthcare needs of the people we serve. It is only by working together that we can work to address Louisiana’s unique health challenges head on.

Industry headwinds require significant expertise, resources and scale to succeed as a health system and meet the evolving needs of our communities.

Just last year, we were faced with University Hospital & Clinics (UHC) nearly having to close, which would have jeopardized 800 jobs and healthcare services for the most vulnerable people of our region. It was a wakeup call as our responsibility is to ensure quality local healthcare access here in Acadiana.

Now is the time to make bold, proactive decisions that allow us to fulfill our mission and thrive well into the future.  

Ochsner’s national reputation, Louisiana roots and mission make them a natural partner for LGH.

Like us, Ochsner understands our state’s unique health needs and is committed to advancing healthcare in Acadiana. As a longtime partner in the Ochsner Health Network, we know from firsthand experience that merging with Ochsner can help us achieve our vision.

Together, we have already made important strides in lowering healthcare costs and expanding specialty care in oncology and pediatric cardiology. Ochsner’s innovative approaches also strengthen the work we are doing to help our community get well and stay well. For example, Ochsner provides patients with access to digital medicine programs that help them digitally manage their health from the convenience of their homes with fewer doctors’ visits. Together, we will be able to meet our patients’ expectations and ensure the future of healthcare for generations to come.

By merging with Ochsner, we know that we can deliver more for the patients we serve.

Research from the American Hospital Association shows that hospital mergers can provide significant value for patients and their communities.

Mergers have become one of the critical means through which hospitals can provide their communities with high-quality, convenient and cost-effective care. The benefits of mergers allow hospitals to create connected networks of care and keep the focus where it belongs: on improving care for the patient.

Hospital Merger Benefits: Views from Hospital Leaders and Econometric Analysis – An Update was prepared by economists from Charles River Associates and is an update of their 2017 report. The latest findings both reinforce and strengthen the previous report’s conclusions that hospital mergers can generate significant value for patients and their communities in the form of better care and reduced costs.